Duties and Responsibilities of General Manager (Finance)

    1. Instructing the performance of sections under financial department in auditing and keeping of revenue and expense
    2. Supervising and instructing to report profit and loss statement and balance sheet
    3. Advising the cases from financial aspect when asked by Managing Director and Executive Committee
    4. Engaging in Tender Committee for procurement of goods with foreign Loans to review from financial aspect
    5. Executing to get foreign exchange permit by negotiating and cooperating with Myanmar Foreign Trade Bank
    6. Directly supervising treasury, payroll, accounting, budget, transport audit section and two external audit teams
    7. Reporting with suggestion after analyzing fiscal budgeting for Myanma Railways from MD to EC meeting, accounting and reporting to EC meeting from MD about allocating budget for each department within allowance of fiscal year by Republic of The Union of Myanmar 
    8. Reporting operating ratio for departments to be used in fiscal year by defining based on the operating ratio confirmed by Republic of the Union of Myanmar to EC meeting from MD
    9. Performing as a member of Executive Committee
    10. Attending Heads’ Meetings
    11. Surprised checking division offices and stations
    12. Scrutinizing the promotions of staff submitted by departments and reporting to EC meeting with recommendations
    13. Replying suggestions when Department Heads ask advices concerning with finance, accounts and staff issues