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Duties and Responsibilities of General Manager (Civil Engineering Department)

  1. Accountable for construction and maintaining of rail tracks, railway bridges, overpasses and buildings in order for smooth transportation
  2. Managing administrative works of employees to accomplish the departmental tasks
  3. Managing machines, equipment, workshops and workrooms
  4. Planning the budget used for projects and works
  5. Cooperation with internal and external departments as required for smooth processing of works
  6. Supervising to work systematically and within guidelines with contractors 
  7. Supervising by visiting the place of accidents, landslides, floods and by appointing each DGM in urgent matters
  8. Engaging in inquiry committee when serious accidents occur and engaging in other inquiry committees if necessary 
  9. Engaging in MR Executive Committee Meeting as a member
  10. Supervising all the time to complete projects in time
  11.  Carrying out the welfare of staff from Civil Engineering Department
  12.  Executing the tasks assigned by superior authorities
  13.  Suggesting to Ministry and MD for civil works of technical and  qualifications, investigating correctly and accountability