Myanmar Railways

Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department

Facts about Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Department

(1) Inspecting locomotive, carriages, railroads, signaling and communication as required for railway safety on behalf of Managing Director and reporting to Managing Director, suggesting how to use MR power sources effectively,

(2)  inspecting and suggesting train accidents and assigned tasks by MD, instructing Deputy General Manager(inspection) to make sure that railroads,

bridges, signaling and communication equipment along various railway lines are in condition to operate safely, following-up inspection of DGM and take responsibility for supervision.

(3) Likewise, supervising DGM to do necessary inspection to make sure locomotives and carriages are in a safety condition to operate and following-up the inspection.

(4)  Supervising and inspecting by doing necessary managements from the train ticket selling system to cleanliness of stations and trains, water and electricity availability, right running time for passengers to be able to travel peacefully.

(5) Supervising and inspecting by managements for stations, warehouses, wagons, operating freight trains in order to transport freight fast and without damaging in freight transportation.

(6) Supervising the overhauling and maintenance tasks of railroads, bridges, building and signaling works, locomotives and carriages in order to meet the standard quality and quantity. 

(7) Supervising the project works to carry out within schedule and allocation to meet standardization.

(8) Supervising inspections of DGM (inspection) responsible for inspecting according to the instructions of Ministry and higher authorities.

(9) Performing to suggest good ways which are beneficial for short term and long term of MR based on the results of inspections

(10) Directly taking responsibility to supervise the works of Operating and Commerce department according to the command of Managing Director.

(11) Scrutinizing the trains delay cases in order to see the daily report of     entering and departing trains lists submitted by operating department and discussing at operation meeting.

(12)  Supervising and scrutinizing the trains departing time from locomotive  factory and yard, whether there is delay in entering and departing stations to prevent any delay for freight trains, discussing at operation meeting

(13) Checking Tractive effort in Fully Load and Checking Fully Vacuum Power  in Freight Train

(14) Scrutinizing monthly train operations, passenger and freight transport conditions, income condition of respective regions and checking the regions that performs less than targeted line and supply necessary supports.

(15) Monthly scrutinizing the accidents in terms of regions and supervising for   reducing accidents

(16) Monitoring the action taken for accidents by responsible department and    supervising to quickly find the underlying reason for accidents

(17) Announcing instructions if necessary after overviewing the accident

(18) Supervising the inspection of remote trains for VIP.

(19) Carrying out the tasks assigned by Managing Director as required.